Delightful Update from Amye and Jean from the Teaching Garden Cooks' Garden Team


Take a look at the great weekly report written by Master Gardener Volunteer Amye Foelsch and executed by Ellen King, Dawn Barr, Thomas Bolles, Jean Meink.  Not only do these folks work hard, but they plan well - two necessary components to successful gardening (along with persistence).  Thank you all for your great work and for keeping our community informed! 


Here's Amye's report

Hi everyone,

As June temperatures begin to rise, the lettuce and brassica harvest will start to wane, but the ritual of bug checking, weeding and watering will remain constant.

Two of our usual bug suspects made an appearance yesterday. We spotted a well fed Colorado potato beetle happily chewing a potato leaf and squash bugs were found on both our squash and potato plants. To ensure their populations remain low, it's crucial to remain vigilant and continue investigating where these destructive fellows and their egg masses are.

On a sweeter note, Thomas harvested the first round of plump and juicy blueberries, along with snow peas, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, and carrots.

Make sure to come out this Saturday to hear Harriet Carter talk tomatoes!

Stay hydrated,


pdf Tg cooks bed d 2017june13
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pdf Tg cooks garden plan 2017june13
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pdf Tg cooks raised beds 2017june13 (253 KB) pdf
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Photo by Ellen King

Carrots from Jannell's Bed

Harriet's Lush Bed

Action items for Thursday, June 15, Saturday, June 17 (SIG), and Tuesday, June 20, 2017:

Water (if no rain):  

Water – all Raised Beds, Bed A, Bed D and all areas inside the fence

Water pot with salvia in far right corner of fenced area

Water pot with salvia next to raised bed 1

Scarlet Runner Beans and Moon flowers are planted along the fence behind Raised bed 4 & 5 and need water

Bed A:  

Check for bugs on potato plants

Bed B & C:  

Monitor sweet potatoes starts, two new slips planted and will need watering

Raised Bed 1:  

Jannell, please let us know how we can help while you are away

 Raised Bed 3:  


 Raised Bed 4:  


 Raised Bed 5:  

Weed and harvest lettuce



Make sure to check yourselves for ticks!
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