Delightful Update from Amye and Jean from the Teaching Garden Cooks' Garden Team


Take a look at the great weekly report written by Master Gardener Volunteer Amye Foelsch and executed by Ellen King, Dawn Barr, Thomas Bolles, Jean Meink.  Not only do these folks work hard, but they plan well - two necessary components to successful gardening (along with persistence).  Thank you all for your great work and for keeping our community informed! 

Here's Amye's report

pdf Tg cooks garden plan 2017sept12 (251 KB)          

pdf Tg cooks raised beds 2017sept12 (252 KB)      

pdf Tg cooks bed d 2017sept12 (169 KB)

Hi all,

Today we continued the garden ritual of harvesting, weeding, and watering. We also took a peek under the sweet potato protection fencing to see how things are growing. We were surprised to see there were no big tubers bursting from the soil, and concluded this is most likely the result of the wet and cooler summer; sweet potatoes like it hot! So this prompted the decision to change the vegetable topic for the October 21st Saturday in the Garden (SIG) from sweet potatoes to garlic and brassicas. Charlene will be putting together another recipe book, so make sure to send any favorite recipes that include garlic or the brassica family her way. This past SIG was especially sweet with getting to sample Charlene’s chocolate pea pods. I think every child would eat up their legumes if they grew like that.

Visual treats around the garden included: monarch caterpillars in Jannell and Karen’s native bed; a honeybee taking in the menu on the Bee, Butterfly and Hummingbird garden sign; and beautiful, unblemished eggplant dripping off the plants in Jannell’s raised bed.

Enjoy your week and all the visual treats it has to offer.  






Action items for Tuesday, September 19, 2017:

Water (if no rain):  

Water – all Raised Beds, Bed A (cover crop seeds), Bed D (cover crop seeds and last butternut squash plant growing), and all areas inside the fence

Water pot with salvia in far right corner of fenced area

Water pot with salvia next to raised bed 1


Bed A:  

Weed as needed, but careful not to weed out crimson clover or rye seeds coming up


Bed B & C:  

Looks like sweet potatoes did not get enough heat this summer, as first check shows little tuber growth. It was decided to not present at SIG.


Raised Bed 1:  

Check out Jannell’s bed and the beautiful eggplant and tomatoes that continue to produce


Raised Bed 3:  

Strawberries removed on 8/31 and rye and crimson clover planted

Grow tomatillos summer 2018


Raised Bed 4:  

Scarlet runner beans are in full flower and have large pods – pods will be left to dry up

Oct 17th – prep bed for garlic planting

Planting of garlic will be demonstrated at the Oct 21st SIG
Plant garlic (October 21st/SIG) with enough room between each to plant onion starts in spring and any thinned carrots from Jannell’s bed

Buckwheat will follow once garlic and onions have been harvested


Raised Bed 5:  

Continue to harvest tomatillos

Fall – cover crop with rye and crimson clover
Grow peppers summer 2018


Bed D:  

Butternut squash continues to grow, all other squash was removed and bed prepped and seeded with cover crop (daikon, crimson clover, vetch and cereal rye)

Fall – Shorten the bed to make it easier to walk around all sides of the bed

Plan for 2018 – grow vining and non-vining bean plants, interplant with flowers


Bed H:  

Crimson clover and rye seeds planted were lemon cucumber was

Continue to cut zinnia flowers

Plan for 2018 – rotate lemon cucumber plant throughout the bed, since it seems to grow well in shade

Crucifers/brassicas for 2018


Bed G:  

Harvest any tomatoes that are ready and check for signs of disease and hornworms

Harvest peppers

Plan for 2018 – plant sweet potatoes towards the gate side and train vines to grow towards the pool side. While waiting for vines to fill in plant sugar snap peas early march 2018, dill and lettuce

Bed F:  

Continue to harvest and bring zinnias to monastery  

Continue to check for worms under row cover (they are extremely small)

Plan for 2018 - squash

Bed E:  

Thin turnips

Snow peas have germinated 9/9
Plan for 2018 – tomatoes, potatoes (gate side to avoid underground line)


Asparagus Bed:  

What to do?



SIG veggie of the month topics for October – garlic and brassicas

Cut back hyssop plant outside fenced area by gate


Bring harvest to monastery kitchen & pick up bucket left from last delivery

Check on potatoes in bucket in shed for signs of rot and dispose

Jean to bring garlic out to be planted during Oct 21 SIG

Schedule a time to review garden 2018 plan

Time to start thinking about SVG (discussed having last class at the Teaching Garden to demonstrate cover crop management, planting potatoes and brassicas)

Considering using low row covers over seeds to see if the moisture will help seeds to germinate

Brainstorm items to consider for 2018: Plant only proven performers; bring out/purchase bigger tomatoes, peppers and eggplant, better system for staking tomatoes, wildlife muncher must be dealt with, how to deal with the ever growing shade issue?


Make sure to check yourselves for ticks and drink plenty of water




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